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We Offer a Pricing Guarantee...

Did you know we have a guarantee in place for peace of mind?

We offer to give you the exact price you would need to pay in order to achieve your goal.

And you know what?! Clients often say they are happy with our honestly. Even when it’s not always the figure you want to hear.

Why? Because we won’t fool you into thinking you’ll only need 1 treatment. Some problems areas need more than 1 treatment and sometimes more than 1 course of treatments.

What if I don’t want to buy from you because I need so many treatments? What if I don’t want to commit to starting a journey I may never finish?

That’s ok!

It’s better that you’re satisfied, and not go ahead, than to be fooled and unhappy with us. If our treatments aren’t right for you, we’re ok with that. There are no hard feelings, and you can have a 100% refund on your consultation deposit.

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