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How to reduce facial smile lines...

Do you ever wonder why you’re looking so tired?
Your skin has changed, and fine lines are appearing worse.
It’s a common request:
“Can you help me to not look so tired?”
“People are commenting on how tired I look.”
” I’m not being told I look good for me age anymore”
Unless you’ve been religious with sunblock from a young age and your weight doesn’t fluctuate a great deal, or suffered
the stresses of hormone changes, daily stresses, and poor health can show very quickly in your face.
We can help, by restoring lost volume to your mid face. Check out our website for details.
If you want to chat about the options available to you, why not book in for a no obligation consultation.

The biggest culprit most people believe is due to the nose to mouth lines or the sad mouth corners. In one respect they’re right, but the reason these areas appear to be making the face appear sad, saggy or loose, is simply because of the volume loss to the mid face. It’s amazing what a bit of cheek filler can do to help rejuvenate and lift the face. Here’s a picture of a client that I treated with 1ml of filler to the upper cheek.

You can see how this has also helps reduce the lines in the lower cheek too.

Cost for this treatment is £300, and effects can last up to 12months.

To read more about dermal fillers, visit our specific page here:

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