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How can I get rid of my frown line?...

How to treat a frown line

It’s a question we get asked often. However, not all frowns are created equally. Some are longer, deeper and have more lines than others.  

A frown is created when you move your muscles in that region, from scarring or from leaning on the side of your face when you’re sleeping. The frown region is also known as the glabellar. To treat the frown lines, firstly you need to be assessed to see what is causing the lines to form.

Do you frown a lot? Are you brows furrowed because you’re deep in concentration? Do you need to get your eyes tested and do you need glasses?

There could be simple remedies you need, and should sort out first. However, depending on how much ‘damage’ has been caused by the frowning, simply stopping the movement isn’t enough.

Let me explain….

 Grades of frown lines, can be viewed like this

  1. A slight surface line present on movement only.  
  2. A slight surface line present when your face is relaxed and at rest 
  3. A surface line that feels like there is a slight dip  
  4. A surface line with a dark shadow that feels ridged to touch  

 This is in line with what is known as the Glogau Classification, a system that was developed to objectively measure the severity of wrinkles and photoaging. This helps our practitioners to choose the appropriate treatments for your skin concern: 

glogau skin classification

Treatments for these issues mentioned above can vary, and therefore will also vary in price.

  1. A slight surface line can be removed by stopping the muscle from moving. Known as an anti wrinkle injection (Botox, Azzalure,  Bocouture). Cost for this type of treatment alone is £195 with our senior practitioners or £125 with our junior practitioners.  
  2. A slight surface line that is present at rest and has no indentation will most like be reduced and may even disappear with the anti wrinkle injections. A topical cream to help reduce the pigmentation on the skin caused by the line may also be required. Treatment cost is £195 with a Medical Director and £125 with a nursing practitioner. Topical cream is £48.  
  3. If you have a slight dip in the frown region that you can feel. Then the frown line is likely to be present when your frown is relaxed. If this is the case then filler will be required to remove the frown line. If you simply want a softening of the line then the line is likely to still be present and can often look worse in the morning from pressure on the face If you sleep on your side. Treatment will anti wrinkle injections ( see point 1) and 0.5ml filler is £395.  
  4. A deep frown line that is present at rest may take several treatments. To soften and improve the frown line. A frown line can be treated and disappear. The treatments as per point 3 above will be required. However 1ml of filler may be required. Treatment cost would be £445 and with topical cream would be £48, taking you to £493 in total. This treatment may require a repeat treatment in 4 months time to remove the wrinkle.  

Before and immediately after a filler to the frown line, to help lift the indention in the glabellar, as mentioned in part of point 3 above.:

Before and After Filler and Anti wrinkle injections as mentioned in point 3 above. 2 Weeks after the initial filler treatment, as seen in the image above.


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