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Worried about having lip filler?...

Before and after lip filler

who doesn’t love a set of juicy lips?

Of course, this doesn’t help you overcome the fear of having a treatment.

Clients still worry about how their lips will look following treatment, and rightly so. However, We see so many clients who put this treatment off for years due to fear of poor results ?

The most important thing is to gain trust in your practitioner. If you’re concerned about anything, trust your gut instincts and walk away. We hear too many stories of no consultations, and were told to hop onto the couch and let’s start the treatment.

1. Give yourself time. Do your research.

2. Ask how available your practitioner is going to be is problems arise. Do they have holiday cover? Do they have a second job that would stop them being available to you for a day or two?

3. Do you have an address for them so you know where to go for help?

4. Do they have a protocol for managing complications if they occur?

5. Can they dissolve your filler if you decide you don’t like the results?

6. Only commit to having a treatment once you have seen at least 3 practitioners.

I know these things are easier said than done. It’s easy to get excited about having a treatment, and wanting things done yesterday. But the wait and reassurance or yourself will all be worth it.


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