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Continuing Professional Development with the BACN...

Christmas has kept me so busy, so that I’ve not managed to keep you updated with my recent visit to a British Association of Cosmetic Nurses Conference in Edgbaston.

This Association has gone from strength to strength over the years, and this time I took a nurse that I met recently along with me. Emma will be joining us in 2019 to develop her skills in facial aesthetics.

I also met up with countless veterans who haven’t aged one bit (of course) in the 11 years that I’ve known them.

I met up with new suppliers, such as Skinceuticals and Hydrafacial and I’m looking forward to meeting them with a view to bringing them into the clinic in 2019.

This conference is an annual conference and helps to keep myself and my team up to date with more current practices too. This year’s focus was on standards and evidencing those standards. The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses have a competency tool, which, as we’re a team of 4 nurses we’ll be benchmarking ourselves against them as a priority from next month.

I was also interviewed to discuss how this association has become a great source of knowledge for our Continuing Professional development, which is an essential part of keeping our Nursing and Midwifery Council Registration up to date. So fingers crossed I make the cut!

BACN Registered Nurses

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