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Continuing Professional Development...

Cadaver Training at Glasgow UIniversity

We never tire of expanding our knowledge and keep abreast of our industry. It’s such a progressive and exciting space right now, that we’re all eager to register for new training courses. 

Chantalle headed to Glasgow University for a Facial Anatomy Masterclass in Scotland, where she learnt from facial dissections on a cadaver ? from 2 prominent consultant surgeons.

My first thoughts when I saw the cadaver were, this lovely person has deteriorated in a nursing home and seems ever so frail. She has kindly come to help us today. The surgeons who were dissecting and the nurse injecting the cadaver were very respectful. This lady had donated herself to science and without her we couldn‘t advance our skills, so I’m ever so thankful to her ??

As you can imagine we weren’t allowed to take photographs ? So you’ll be pleased to know it’s just me in a load of selfies instead.

Knowledge of course is power. You’ll be pleased to know we already have protocols in place to treat a blocked blood vessel, as this is a factor when treating clients with dermal fillers. Although this is a rare complication, understanding and knowing the safe zones and the danger zones ensures we are best informed when it come to treating the areas to dissolve the filler, but most importantly to try not to allow this to occur in the first place. Using a cannula ( also known as a round ended needle) is much safer in terms of staying at the right depth to avoid those danger zones.


??So I’m very pleased to say that my current practice is still correct and I’ll be teaching this to our team of nurses and adding this training into our induction for future team members ?
So on the whole a very insightful day.

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