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Lip Flip...

Part of enhancing the lips are dermal filler treatments, however, if you don’t want to be injected with anything you will be thinking, “Is there anything else out there for me?”

The answer is Yes! The plasma Pen is known for tightening and rejuvenating the skin, and as a result this has had a lot of PR for the eye areas, but it’s also being used to tighten and shorten the skin above the lips giving the impression of flipping the lip upwards. This also gives the added benefit of increasing the collagen fibres and improving the elastin, giving a more rejuvenated, smoother upper lip too.

You can read more about the plasma pen and how it works, here.

Other ways to ‘flip the lip’ can be to relax the muscle, a really important treatment as the muscle extends around the lips, causing the lips to pull inwards. The muscle can be relaxed, in combination with other treatments to help the lip relax, causing it to flip outwards in a very subtle way that is different to filling the lips.

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