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My New Routine

Description of Work

I must say that the first week of not going to work was a huge shock for me.

I never did cope well when I went onto maternity leave, but this was different in that I really couldn’t control the madness of the first week. Suppliers weren’t answering as they were busy answering all of their calls. Grants weren’t available, staff security wasn’t available.

But as things were put into place, I stopped being driven by fear and I’m not back to focussing on getting results and I’ve put a loose routine in place. I can now build more solid foundations for our business, so that we can hit the ground running on our return.

Things I’m doing on a daily basis:

Core 4

  1. Send love messages to my kids and my husband, so show how much I appreciate them
  2. Meditate daily and practice gratitude
  3. Exercise for at least 30 mins per day
  4. Learn and study others and share my learnings with others.

I’m even making sure, I’m dressed and ready to face the world. This was a little tough with having a washing machine out of action and wearing the same old clothes every day. But I get up, sort my hair and face, get dressed for the day and I’m ready to go.

Listening to Terri Waite’s story on the news today, where he recalled his 5 years in isolation following capture, really put things into perspective. If he can do 24 hours a day with no dailylight, no paper or pen, no books and no internet, chained up for 23 hours per day. Then we can rock this out easily.




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