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Our Clinic may be closed but…

Description of Work

Our physical clinic may be closed, but we’re still here virtually online and over the phone. All of the team bar myself have been furloughed and as of Monday 6th we all reported in as fit and well.

I’m still at the end of the line, making appointments and moving appointments, plus we have our lockdown offers available. If you can’t book them in online and you would rather give me a call and pay over the phone, I’m still available on 01633 462083.

I’m also implementing a few things behind the scenes on our website and through our CRM.

?I don’t do idle very well.

If you see me sitting relaxing on a sofa you’re one of the very few.?

It has taken me a few weeks to get my business settled, laid the groundwork for the pandemic and put the majority into hibernation. I haven’t furloughed myself, so I need to tick off some things I’ve been meaning to do for years and years. Some, I’ve started and never finished.

I’m holding myself accountable to my fb friends. Here goes?:

I have 3 goals for the lockdown period:

1. Write a Book
2. Learn karate
3. Create Online Courses

?Does anybody want to join me and hold themselves accountable to a goal? Head to our Facebook page and let us know


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