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We’re Going Private...

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I’ve created a Private Facebook Group for my clients and potential clients to ask questions about treatments in private, or at least semi private; amongst other clients who have already had treatments. What goes on in clinic, stays in clinic, right?

Posting in public in a Private Group doesn’t guarantee privacy, but we have created a set of questions to qualify clients entering the group. We’re not inviting anyone and everyone into the group, and those found selling or behaving outside of the community spirit of the group will be removed.

Here you can ask others about their experiences and glean an insight into the treatments that are honest and raw. Facebook communities through a Facebook group is much better for people to come together with a common interest and that’s the idea. I want the community to be about you and what you’re interested in. Our Facebook Page is more about our business and advertising and that’s something I don’t want to be doing in our Facebook Group.

Although not everyone in our Facebook Group is a client, some people are interested in our treatments and want to get a feel of who we are before committing to us and this is a great way to ask others what they think of treatments beforehand.

I’m really excited about what the future holds for our clinic. See you on the other side:

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