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What to expect when you return...

It’s easy to just throw out a list of instructions for what we’ll be doing for you when we return, however, it’s more than a list, for me it’s a promise!

And I don’t like to break promises.

There’s a few things for you to consider, the biggest one is timing!

Time to complete our forms, time to get online and make sure you understand how to complete our forms, and if you don’t you need enough time to give us a call and make sure you’ve completed the form over the phone if you can’t do it yourself. Sadly these things can’t be done on arrival or moments before you arrive because we may already be on the phone, or helping a client who is already in the clinic. So give yourself and us enough time to get you in. We want o see you. We’ve missed you and don’t want this to get in our way.

A few things you’ll need to do before you arrive are:

  • Book an appointment
  • Complete a COVID Consent & Waiver
  • Complete a treatment consent form
  • Plan how you’ll arrive
  • Arrive early and wait in your car (if possible) and arrive at the clinic on time for your appointment (early arrives, won’t be able to wait in reception, we’re just too small for the flow of clients in and out, but we are working on the back garden and will let you know if this is completed in time)
  • Call in advance if you have any questions
  • Call us if you develop any symptoms, our 24 hour cancellation policy will no longer apply and deposits will be moved with your appointment for the first last minute cancellation
  • If you don’t want to use our card machine when you’re in clinic, feel free to call in advance and pay for your treatment before you arrive

When you arrive

  • Come in alone (unless you need a chaperone, please call us in advance to arrange this)
  • Don’t bring excess baggage
  • Wait 2 meters from the door to allow others to leave safely (there is an arrow in the window)
  • Wait for your temperature to be taken
  • Wear your mask on entry
  • Don’t touch your mobile phone, once your hands are clean
  • Relax and enjoy your treatment
  • Pay for your treatment by card where possible
  • Clean your hands when you leave

What we’ll do for you

  • COVID Secure Training
  • Risk Assessments
  • Staggered staff start times
  • Cleaning hands on arrival
  • PPE – Masks, Visors, Gloves and Aprons
  • COVID Symptoms questionnaire on arrival
  • Temperature Checks
  • Staggered Break times
  • PPE Donning & Doffing training & Assessments
  • Feedback of staff behaviours and anonymous reporting of poor compliance
  • Extra time between appointments for a through clean of touch points
  • Communal areas to be cleaned between clients


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