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Cancellation Policy...

Our cancellation policy is here to ensure that we stay a healthy business to stay open to serve you, keep the jobs for our team and remain a viable business to stay open. Since the pandemic, some slight changes have been made to ensure that should an additional lockdown occur, we can still pay our suppliers for products that have been ordered for your treatments.

Our cancellation notice is still 48 hours  in order to move your appointment and not lose your booking deposit. This remains the same.

For all injectable treatments, we require a non-refundable payment that is used to order your prescriptions. The value of this non-refundable payment is £100 for all injectable treatments. This deposit is lost should you not show up with any notice within 48 hours of your appointment. For a short notice COVID related cancellation, proof of testing will ensure you won’t lose your deposit.

For all courses that are booked, and have been prepaid, 48 hours notice is still required. A treatment will be redeemed and that single treatment in the course will be lost if you don’t show up and give any cancellation notice of 48 hours or cancel within the 48 hours of your appointment.

Taking deposits has also helped to keep our waiting lists down. How we take deposits:

1. For treatments that require a prescription, we take non refundable deposits. £100 for anti wrinkle treatments, 50% of a Sculptra treatment and Underarm Hyperhidrosis treatment.

2. For beauty treatments of over 2 hours we take a 50% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable within 48 hours of cancellation.

3. No deposits are required for those who have purchased a course. Your treatment from the course, will act as your deposit and the same rules regarding 48 hours cancellation notice still apply.

4. No deposits are required if you have a payment plan and have a balance of the required deposit in your plan. The same rules apply with regards to the 48 hours cancellation notice.


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