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New Extended Lockdown

Description of Work

Extended Lockdown

Sadly an extended lockdown has been announced until February 15th 2021 for close contact services. There are some exceptions and as we’re registered as a hospital with Health Inspectorate Wales, the Department of Health have stated that we can open to prevent illness and injury.

If you believe that you have a case for treatment we will look at this on an individual case by case basis, and review our risk assessments for the current situation.

Physical wellbeing such as suffering from excessive hair growth with PCOS, skin trauma and infections due to ingrown hairs can be addressed. Also issues such as mental wellbeing and therefore completing laser courses and top ups to prevent abnormal asymmetries can also be included for review.

For any pre booked appointments we’ll be in touch the day before or earlier, of your planned appointment to rearrange them as we shall remain closed until February 15th 2021. I’m also free to take calls every day if you would like to rearrange them with me over the phone on 01633 462083.


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