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Christmas Opening Hours

Description of Work

Our Christmas 2021 Opening Hours are a little different this year.

First of all, we’re currently still open 🤞

Second of all, we’re open between Christmas and New Year 🙌

Here’s a list of our opening hours, which you’ll also find our availability on our appointment system and the opening hours on our Website.

If you have any questions, leave a voicemail, email or message on our social platforms as usual.

18th December Closed
19th December Closed
20th December Open
21st December Open
22nd December Open
23rd December Open
24th December Closed
25th December Closed
26th December Closed
27th December Closed
28th December Closed
29th December Open
30th December Open
31st December Open
1st January Closed
2nd January Closed
3rd January Closed
4th January Back to business as usual


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