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New Design Your Own Bikini Line

With so many options for a bikini line and it’s connecting areas – such as the belly button (Perinaval), underneath (known as the perineum), around to the buttocks and between the buttocks, we have created a few combinations to give you even further discount on associated treatments and their courses. If you decide you want […]

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A few more changes

? There’s a few changes going on in the clinic. So that we can be compliant for Health inspectorate Wales, we must make some recommended changes before we have our final inspection. All being well, we’ll have hospital status and will be ok to start using our Laser machines for laser hair removal, laser tattoo […]

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Worried about having lip filler?

who doesn’t love a set of juicy lips? Of course, this doesn’t help you overcome the fear of having a treatment. Clients still worry about how their lips will look following treatment, and rightly so. However, We see so many clients who put this treatment off for years due to fear of poor results ? […]

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