Cleft Lip Reconstruction

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Cleft Lip Reconstruction

Cleft lip reconstruction using dermal fillers can help to rescontruct the overall shape and volume of the lip and surrounding lip.

Will my cleft lip be even after treatment?

Unfortuntely the results will vary according to each indicual, however, the likelihood of the cleft lip becoming completely even is unlikely. The region where surgery has occurred, could tether the skin together, in which case, this can exacerbate the scarring, after dermal filler is administered. The surrounding soft tissue can be plumped and reshaped, leaving the tethered skin to appear worse.

Will my cleft lip look worse?

It is possible for any asymmetry to appear worse after a treatment, due to the pre existing scarring.

How will I know if my scarring will appear worse?

We suggest you attend for a consultation, so that your practitioner can assess the extent of the scarring.