Silhouette Thread Lift

Silhouette Thread Lift

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Silhouette Thread Lift

Silhouette Thread™ Lift

Why would I want a Silhouette Thread™ Lift?

A Silhouette thread lift ( also known as a non-surgical facelift) is designed to give a gentle lifting effect using a minimally invasive procedure with minimal down time. With the additional benefit of progressive collagen restoration.

How is it done?

The silhouette threads™, made of extra-strong inert polymer, are slipped down from an incision at the temple hairline, and then attached at the jowls and the nasal labial folds.

The procedure requires only local anaesthesia, and requires two hours, depending on the number of threads used and the areas to be treated.

What happens to the thread?

The threads have excellent longevity.  The anchoring cones are designed to be broken down by the body after 18 months to 2 years, by which time scar tissue fibrotic capsules bind to the threads, and keep them in place. Results will vary from person to person.

Are there any side effects?

As with any trauma to the skin, itching, tenderness, bruising and swelling can occur, but are temporary, usually lasting up to a week, but can vary and could possibly last for 4 weeks.  Although infection is very rare, a post-operative prophylactic antibiotic treatment is prescribed and applied by your Silhouette Soft trained Doctor.  Numbness in the area sometimes can be felt but settles once the thread is encapsulated in scar tissue. Puckering can occur immediately after treatment, but settles within the first week of the treatment.













How long does the Silhouette thread lift last?

Typically a silhouette thread lift will remain effective up to 18-24months. However, results may vary from person to person.

Where is it used?

This thread lift is used for the face, to treat sagging jaw lines and the naso-labial folds.  It is also used for sagging skin on the neck, and as an eyebrows lift.






Is it the next best thing to a surgical face lift?

Yes, it is, but it definitely is the next best thing. However this non-surgical facelift, it’s a small step from fillers towards an actual face lift. Due to the gentle lifting action, it’s important that you’re suitable so that you can benefit and receive.

How do I know if I am suitable for the treatment?

If you can lift your skin upwards by one centimetre with your fingers you may be suitable for Silhouette Soft treatment. Your practitioner will tell you if you need a combined approach with dermal filler to help return any lost volume, and whether or not we can meet your expectations of the treatment. We highly recommend having a consultation with your practitioner to discuss the options available to you. Alternatively why not download the Patient Selection Guide and see for yourself:

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How much is it for Silhouette Threads?

2 Threads – £400 each Total £800
4 Threads – £350 each Total £1400
6 Threads – £300 each Total £1800