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Eyelid Lift

So your eyelids are getting heavy, feel saggy and the skin feels loose. The elasticity has gone and applying eyeshadow or eyeliner is getting harder, or even pointless. Ageing is a normal process that gets all of us eventually, some earlier than others. Talk of saggy skin above the eyes and to the laughter lines among other facial lines begins. It is a process that may leave us looking tired, angry, sad or older than we feel. There is a solution to these issues. An upper eyelid lift can be treated with several methods. Should you find yourself in such a situation, non-surgical skin improvements such as Plasma Pen (fibroblast treatment) Anti Wrinkle Injections, Microneedling, Chemical peels are some of the techniques that can restore your skin’s tightness and youthful appearance.  The best way to treat the areas are to consider the surrounding structures and soft tissues, looking at how they have changed, and what can we do to help them improve and how much of an effect each treatment will be to the skin to give you an eyelid lift. With the techniques involving lesser and lesser invasive approaches increasing each day, it may become increasingly difficult to find the best fit for you. That is why I want to take you through the differences between the treatments and how each treatment plays a different role, as well as the possibilities.   

How can my eyelids be lifted without surgery?

When we consider the surrounding structures and tissues….The excess skin on the eyelids can be reduced in several ways, when considering treatment we must be mindful that the eye sockets in the skull recede and the collagen and elastin reduce in the skin, therefore so does the plumpness of the skin above and around the eye. As a result the eyelid skin appears heavier and looser therefore the fold above and below the lash line can appear worse. When considering treatments, we will look at treatments that affect the areas in the following ways:

1. Reducing the muscle movement 2. Increasing the volume 3. Improving the skins elasticity

Let me explain:

The muscle tone in and around the eyelid, can have 2 effects on the eyelid. Either it pulls our brows up, lifting the eyelid skin, or it pulls the outer brow down and inwards pulling the eyelid skin inwards and down, creating a hooding effect. Therefore, with the correct choice of treatment, we want to leave the muscles that lift the eyelid to continue to do their job – lifting the brow and the eyelid. It’s important not to treat the forehead (Frontalis) muscles, because relaxing this muscle will only make the eyelids appear heavier. Therefore relaxing the muscles that pull down and inwards, will help reduce the movement and in turn reducing the hooding caused by the movement. In addition to this, treating around the eyes (Orbicularis Oculi Muscle) and the frown (the Glabellar region /Procerus and Corrugator muscles) will also reduces the wrinkles surrounding the outer eye (crows feet) and the frown lines (glabellar). For the muscle, an anti wrinkle injection is used to relax the muscles, simply effecting the chemical that is produced to tell your muscles to move. Over a period of 2 to 6 months, you body produces new nerve endings and the muscle movement returns. This treatment is clinically proven to work and to stop muscle movement. The extent to which it reduces hooding depends on the skin position of the muscles in it’s resting (static) position when your face is at rest and not creating any facial expressions. Your practitioner can show you and explain this further during your consultation. The volume loss to the brow, forehead and temple above and to the sides of the brow can contribute to heavier eyelids too. This is because the skin in the surrounding tissues no longer has the volume required to pull the skin taught. Therefore returning the lost volume in those regions can help improve excess skin on the eyelids. Volume is returned to the areas with volume loss using a dermal filler. Temporary dermal fillers can be used to fill and reshape the facial volumes restoring a more youthful appearance and can last for 3 to 18 months, depending on the viscosity of the product. There is an additional option to have a collagen stimulating dermal filler which is clinically proven to last 2 to 3 years. For the skin a variety of treatments can be used, however, not all can be used on the eyelid itself and are only suitable for the surrounding eye tissue. As we age, and the years go by, the skin’s dermal layer grows thinner, less collagen is produced and the elastin fibres becoming overworked and disconnected. These changes bring about sagging and wrinkling in the skin. Therefore treating the skin with various treatments can create a healing response (healing cascade), that encourages the skin to heal itself, speed up the cell turnover, sending growth factors and fibroblasts to the region which in turn helps the collagen and elastin in the skin, making it tighter and firmer.  Prescription skin care and chemical peels can help the surrounding skin to increase in cell turnover, to scavange for free radicals that cause ageing, and reverse the effects of photoageing. This cannot be used directly on the eyelid, but can be around the eye. Microneedling can help with collagen stimulation in the brow and surrounding tissues. This cannot be used directly on the eyelid but can be used close to the lower lash line and in the brow. The Plasma Pen (also known as a Fibroblast treatment) can treat the eyelid itself and help to instantly tighten and stimulate collagen production through a process called sublimation.  

How much does it cost?

There is no one price fits all. Individual treatment costs vary and the type of treatment you require will also mean the price will vary. We promise as part of our guarantee to give you a full pricing structure, written down in your notes and explained prior to proceeding with any treatments. As a result of the variations and all clients being different, we have put together a common treatment package that will give you the flexibility to adjust the package to your needs. We offer a package to cover several treatments, however, individual treatment prices can be seen below: For the muscle – To reduce the movement around the eyes, anti wrinkle injections cost £195 and £245 for the frown and the eyes when treated at the same time. For the volume – This depends on every individual and where their volume loss appears to have occurred. Dermal filler to the temple would be £250 for 1ml, the forehead would be £250 for 1ml, the cheeks would be £300 per 1ml syringe or £700 for a 3ml syringe and the tear trough is £350 for 1ml. To tighten the skin in the upper eyelid is £389 and the Crows feet is £349.

Do you offer a package price?

Yes we do. We offer the following packages

The Signature Lid Lift (Upper eyelids)

  1. Reducing Muscle movement around the eyes and frown (£245 on it’s own)
  2. Plasma Pen Treatment Upper eyelid(£389 on it’s own)
  3. Brow and Temple Filler 2 syringes (£250 per syringe =£500 on their own)
  4. Package Price = £799 (£335 saving)

 The Ultimate Eye Treatment

  1. Reducing Muscle movement around the eyes and frown (£245 on it’s own)
  2. Plasma Pen Treatment Lower Eyelid (£389 on it’s own)
  3. Plasma Pen Treatment Upper Eyelid (£389 on it’s own)
  4. Cheek and Tear trough 3 syringes (2 x£300 per syringe for cheeks & tear trough filler £350 =£950 on their own)
  5. Brow and Temple Filler 2 syringes (£250 per syringe =£500 on their own)
  6. PDO threads x 10 (£500)
  7. Neostrata Eye Cream (£34)
  8. Package Price = £1989 (£3007 when bought individually, £1018 saving when bought as a package)

How do I book?

We recommend you book in for a consultation prior to a treatment, to allow the practitioner to assess your needs and skin type and to give you a test patch a minimum of 7 days prior to the treatment. You can book in 3 ways, call us on 01633 462083, book online here, or download our app, by searching the ‘Sugarboxclinic’ in your app store. By far the easiest way, is online. Simply click this link: http://sugarboxclinic.co.uk/online-booking/ Select eye treatments and choose consultation.