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Lip Fillers

Lips fillers are the perfect solution to recreating the lips you once had or creating a new pout you never had.

Whichever result you wish to achieve, we can help you to achieve the look with a variety of treatment areas.


The Lip border (vermillion border)

Treating the lip border gives structure back to lips that have lost their sharpness and prominence, quite often leading to unwanted ‘smoker’s lines’, even if you don’t smoke! This is the perfect solution if you simply want remove lip lines, and return lost volume without augmenting your lips.

0.5ml of dermal fillers were used for this treatment.

For prices of lip fillers, scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Lip border volumising

Lip border volumising










The body of the lip

Treating the body of the lip can help remove the natural lip wrinkles within the pink area of the lip. This can help enhance the lip shape, correct any asymmetries and the most popular of all, this can help augment your lips for a beautiful celebrity style pout!

Lip Fillers in the body of the lip

Lip fillers in the body of the lip







Philtral column

The columns from the peak of your lips towards your nose (philtrum/ Phitral columns) can also be treated, careful consideration for this treatment is important to ensure because this blends well into the overall profile and gives a nice lift to the cupid’s bow. 

This would be included as part of your treatment if it’s required.

Outside corners

The outside corners of the lip can have special consideration and additional treatment as part of the marrionette lines (Lines from the mouth corners that make the lip curve in a downwards, and give the mouth a sad look). Therefore down turned lips and a lip enhancement for a more youthful result can be achieve by treating the whole lip border with the outside corners being treated.

Lip filler

Lip filler to the border










Lip filler prices vary according to the volume of filler you want to receive and whether or not you would like to have an anaesthetic with your treatment.

Dermal fillers come in sizes of 0.5ml syringes and 1ml syringes. 1ml Syringes are not split into smaller 0.5ml syringes, therefore when considering the volume, the viscosity of the filler should also be considered. For example the thicker fillers tend to be in 1ml syringes. Once opened the remaining filler cannot be stored for use at a later date, due to the risk of contamination and infection. Therefore if part of the syringe is used, the remaining filler will be discarded.

How much are lip fillers?


Here are the prices of the syringes. The increase in price is for the local anaesthetic, similar to what you would have at the local dental practice.

0.5ml Dermal Filler with topical anaesthetic cream £150

0.5ml Dermal Filler with local anaesthetic £200

1.0ml Dermal filler with topical anaesthetic cream £200

1.0ml Dermal filler with local anaesthetic £250

1.5ml Dermal Filler with topical anaesthetic cream £250

1.5ml Dermal Filler with local anaesthetic £300


If you’re not sure what you would need to enhance your lip or surrounding lips, to make them look youthful or bigger, why not call us now for a free consultation on 01633 462083. Results vary from person to person, so having a consultation tailored to your face and your desired results can give you a firm foundation in making a decision on what is right for you.