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Before and After Microblading

Microblading is a procedure used to better define and create the

 ‘perfect eyebrows’ and is fast becoming a popular treatment choice for many individuals.  However, it is important to  be aware, despite the term ‘microblading’ being  used general that there are many different techniques and products – all varying in quality and price.

There are many things we can look at when trying to save money in life – but any permanent, or semi permanent cosmetic procedure carried out on your face should not be one of them.

The SUgar Box Clinic are delighted to introduce Kez who is a certified PhiBrows Artist.  I’m sure you will agree that his girl has an amazing talent – check out the gallery – I can’t tell what’s hair and what’s not.

We are so pleased to have recruited a true artist!

Microblading may need to be topped  up every 1- 2 years so it is important to find someone you can trust and rely on to create the perfect brows – they are on your face after all!

So, Why choose a PhiBrows Artist?

PhiBrows Guarantees that –

  1. Meticulously designed methods and tools are  used to ensure precise hair strokes, perfect symmetry and a beautiful shape that suits the client’s unique face and bone structure.
  2. Each artist has to complete a long and rigorous training course of 6 months and has to pass 11 levels of mastery in order to qualify, all under the careful supervision of a Grand Master trainer.
  3. The Golden ratio of 1.618 is used to determinate correct proportions of the ideal eyebrows for you.
  4. Only the highest quality products and pigments are used. The pigments are second to none, as they do not contain heavy metals, they do not change colour,migrate or cause any skin reaction.  
  5. Also, certified vegan and cruelty free!


PhiBrows have stated that they never have and never will test products on animals.

Before and after photo of Microblading Phi Brows