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Offer 1 - LVL with Leila £26

LVL Lash Lift

LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift.

A natural lash enhancement that gives a subtle, natural looking lift, giving the illusion of length. Making the eyes appear more open.

How long does a lash lift last?
Up to 2 months or longer depending on the shedding cycle of your lashes. It is recommended that you re-lift your lashes every 6-7 weeks to maintain.

Link to online booking:

It is the perfect treatment for people with a low maintenance beauty regime, busy lifestyle, allergies and hay fever, or just those who want to make the most of their natural eyelashes!

Please book in for a test patch (available to book online) in the clinic 48 hours prior to your treatment, or allow 7 days for a test patch to be sent out by post.

Offer 2 – Microneedling to the Face £140

Microneedling - also termed Dermaroller or Dermapen is the process of stimulating new collagen through inducing a healing cascade. This is caused by fine needles causes thousands of holes to the surface of the skin. These holes close up within 10 minutes of the treatment. Leaving the skin looking red for up to 12 hours after the treatment.

Changes to the skin can be seen from 6 weeks as the skin beneath is repaired with growth factors and firboblasts.

You cannot have the treatment if you have had a new tan within the past 4 weeks.
Not suitable for Fitzpatrick Skin Type 5 and 6.
Not suitable if you have an infection on the area to be treated, such as active acne or cold sores.
Not suitable if you have had skin cancer in the areas to be treated.

Please also choose topical anaesthetic cream 'cream on' to allow time for your practitioner to apply topical cream in preparation for your treatment. This will need to be booked 30 minutes prior to this appointment.

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Offer 3 – Microblading to Brows £200

Microblading (Phi brows trained) is a semi-permanent tattoo technique using reduced volumes of pigment and lightly placing fine hair strokes into the brow to create the illusion of fuller brows.

Included with your treatment is a goody bag with after care wipes, brow protection pads and an after care sheet for caring for your brows.

A test patch and consultation is required before having your treatment.

£200, usually £250
Book online by copying and pasting this link into your web bar:

Payment Plans

The perfect scenario for those who like to plan their finances, payment plans are available on a pre pay basis to spread the cost of your treatments. Payment plan clients will benefit from an annual discount off treatments plus free treatments according to their treatment package.