At our clinic, we prioritize transparency when it comes to pricing for our treatments. We understand the importance of ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved before proceeding with any treatment. Our commitment is to provide you with all the necessary information regarding pricing so that you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the treatment at the given price.

Please note that certain treatments may require an initial consultation to assess your specific needs and desired outcomes. This allows us to provide you with a more accurate price tailored to your individual requirements. The purpose of this consultation is to give you ample time to consider the information discussed and ensure that you are fully satisfied before making a booking for the treatment.

We believe in open and honest communication about pricing, ensuring that you are comfortable and well-informed throughout your journey with us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding pricing or our treatment process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Peel TypeSingle TreatmentCourse of 3
Express Enzyme Peel£49£132.30
Dermaplaning & Enzyme Peel£79£213.30
Pro-Radiance Enzyme Peel£79£213.30

Treatment AreaSingle Treatment Course of 3
Eyelid Lift & Under Eye Tightening£250£700
Neck Tightening£250£700
Full Face£500£1400
Full Face & Neck£750£2025
Arms 5cm x 10cm on each arms£500£1400
Belly Button 5cm x 10cm£250£700
Above the Knees£500£1400

Upper Face

Anti wrinkle treatments using a muscle relaxant to the upper face

Treatment AreasNurse Prescriber
Junior Aesthetic Nurse Price
Frown and Forehead£255£205
Frown and eyes£255£205
Frown, Forehead & Eyes£305£255
Frown, Forehead, Eyes and Lip lines£335
Frown, Forehead, Eyes, Lips, and Sad Mouth Corners£345

Lower Face

Anti wrinkle treatments using a muscle relaxant to the lower face

Treatment AreasPrice
Upper & Lower Lip£100
Sad Mouth Corners£100
Gummy Smile£100

Dermal Fillers

Our Dermal Fillers pricing are quoted on a per syringe basis, however, with the skill of prescise placement, 1 syringe can treat multiple areas. This is what we call tweakments. Therefore please consider the prices as a guide for the syringe and not the treatment areas and the results that are achievable.

Treatment AreaEstimated Price
Forehead HollowsFrom £220
FrownFrom £220
BrowsFrom £220
Tear TroughsFrom £150
Nose AugmentationFrom £350
Cheek StructureFrom £330
Cheek HollowsFrom £270
LipsFrom £220
Peri Oral LinesFrom £270
Jawline From £330
NeckFrom £150
Decollete LinesFrom £150

AreaPricing SingleCourse of 8
Face, Jowls and Neck£69£483
Inner Thighs£100£700
Above knees£100700

Body Cavitation Pricing

Treatment AreasSingleCourseHow many in a course

Upper Eye Lids150
Lower Eye lids150
Upper and Lower eyelids
Upper Lip100
Front of Ear100
Frown lines120
Forehead Lines150

Microneedling Pricing

Treatment AreasSingleCourse of 3Course of 6 Plus
Face and Neck£250£500£750
Face, Neck and Decollete£300£600£900
Neck and Decollete£250£500£750
Upper Lip£100£200£300
Small Scar£100£200£300

Chemical Peel Pricing

Treatment SingleCourse of 3
Neostrata Glycolic Peel£69
ZO Enzyme Peel£89
ZO Stimulator Peel£89
ZO Acne Peel£150
ZO Rosacea Peel£150
ZO Anti Ageing Peel£150

Pro Glow Resurface Facial

Transforms the skin's texture & minimising the look of uneven skin tone.

Pro Glow Touch FacialPrice
Pro Glow Resurface 30 min £44
Pro Glow Resurface 50 min£59
Pro Glow Resurface 75min

Pro Glow Smooth

A hands on Facial that Smooths wrinkles, fills out expression lines and plumps skin.

Pro Glow Smooth
Pro Glow Smooth 30 min£44
Pro Glow Smooth 50 min£59
Pro Glow Smooth 75 min£72

Pro Glow Brilliance

Awaken dull, tired looking skin complexions with this radiance-boosting facial.

Pro Glow Brilliance 30 min£44
Pro Glow Brilliance 50 min£59
Pro Glow Brilliance 75 min£72

ELEMIS Pro Glow Resurface +

Super-charged deep cleansing and powerful ultrasonic peel technology eliminate visible pollutants, dirt and impurities for an immediate cleaer, brighter complexion. Gently resurfacing, helping to reduce visible dryness and smooth the appearance of fine lines.

ServiceDurationSingleCourseHow many in a course
Pro Glow Resurface+30 minutes£44£39610
Pro Glow Resurface+50 minutes£59£53110
Pro Glow Resurface+75 minutes£72£64810

Pro Glow Smooth +

Ultrasonic peeling exfoliates dead skin cells to smooth and prepare the skin for line-fighting microcurrent technology, targeting lines and wrinkles for more radiant, youthful looking skin. Skin will appear more vibrant, with impoved feeling of firmness and elasticity.

ServiceDurationSingleCourseHow many in a course
Pro Glow Smooth + 30 min30 min£44£39610
Pro Glow Smooth + 50min50 min£59£53110
Pro Glow Smooth + 75 min75 min£72£64810

Pro Glow Brilliance +

Experience our Ultrasonic peel technology and brightening enzymes to deep clean and remove visible pollutants, make-up and city grime for happy, healthy skin. Hydrating technology and antioxidant-rich superfoods will plump and smooth with a super-charged air massage to breathe life into your skin.

Immediately revealing a super-healthy complexion, you'll look and feel more radiant, relaxed and glowing.

ServiceDurationSingleCourseHow many in a course
Pro Glow Brilliance +30 min£44£39610
Pro Glow Brilliance +50 min£59£53110
Pro Glow Brilliance +75 min£72£64810

Treatment AreaSingleCourse of 6
Arms - Full Arms245882
Arms - Lower Arms140504
Arms - Upper Arms (exc Shoulders)140504
Back - Full Back (excluding shoulders)240864
Back - Full Back & Shoulders275990
Between Brows2072
Cheeks bones105378
Flanks 150540
Full Face230828
Half Face & Neck150540
Neck - Back115414
Neck - Front
Upper Lip75270


These treatment packages are available for multiple treatments taken together for every treatment session.

Bikini LaserSingleCourse of 6Single price when purchased as a course of 6

Victoria + Extended11541469
Nicole + Extended12545075
Megan + Extended14050484
Kate + Extended15054084
Amber (Buttocks, Megan, Peri naval, Half lower back)3501260210
Carole (inc Buttocks, between the buttocks, loer half back)210756126

Laser Hair Removal

LVL Lash Lift£35
LVL lash lift and lower lash tint£44

Payment Plans

Sugarbox Flexible Payment Plans

At The Sugar Box Clinic our clients love the flexibility that the payment plans offers them.

Enjoy small manageable payments leaving your account on a monthly basis.

You can cancel your own direct debit at any time.

Any payment is possible. Simply hit relevant link below and complete the form. All you need is your address, bank account number and sort code.

For full terms and conditions regarding the payment plan, click here

Click here for a £10 per month payment plan

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