Acne Scarring

Acne scarring is a permenant scar on the skin’s surface as a result of inflammation and trauma to the skin. Acne scarring, like any other scarring can be treated successfully, however, to best treat acne scarring it is important that any outbreaks are under control prior to starting treatments for the scars themselves.

Any new out breaks that aren’t under control, can simply cause a spread of infection and can cause new scars to form, which is why it’s so important to improve the outbreaks first.


There are a variety of skin treatments that can be used to improve the skin’s surface.

These can be chemical peels and microneedling, both of which help stimulate new collagen formation,

Treatment areas
& features

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Back


Appointment duration

30 - 90 minutes

Treatment Suitable For

Acne Scarring

Treatment Course

3 - 6

Anaesthetic Required


Duration of Results


Treatment Risks

Risk of infection

Skin Preparation

Stop retinol 4 days before. No tanning

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Questions & Answers

We recommend getting the outbreaks under control prior to booking in for treatments to reduce the scarring. If you need help with the outbreaks first, we recommend booking in for an acne skin consultation.
Yes of course. This sounds like the outbreaks are under control. If you have an outbreak, we recommend that you delay the treatment until the outbreaks are under control.
The severity of the scarring will have an affect on the number of treatments required to achieve the results you want. The severity of the scarring will also affect the number of treatments required. We recommend booking a skin consultation for your practitioner to review your skin to give you more accurate information.
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