Having had laser hair removal myself over 10 years ago, I can personally vouch for the treatment effects and the permanent hair reduction I received. You see, back then, I worked in a National Laser Clinic and delivered Laser treatments day in day out.

My experience of working with the best Lasers in the industry, mean my standards for choosing the right laser for my clinic are very high. So I’ve chosen the most effective, clinically tested Laser that money can buy.

What is Hair Removal?

Hair removal is all about removing unwanted hair from the body, whether it is from the face or from the body. We offer a variety of hair removal options at The Sugar Box Clinic. These include:

  • Dermaplaning (temporary reduction)
  • Waxing (temporary reduction)
  • Laser Hair Removal (permanent reduction)

What is Laser Hair Removal

Laser is different, in that is uses a single wavelength of light, that is attracted to the colour (melanin) in the hair shaft. Heat then travels down the shaft to the root, where it is destroyed.

This is the most targeted form of sending energy towards a hair root, causing it to heat up and destroy the root.

What is important is that is hits the hair in a specific time in its growth phase, known as the Anagen phase.


As we don’t know when each hair is in this phase, a series of treatments are required on the body at 6 weeks apart, and 4 weeks apart on the face.

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Can I shave or wax before I have my Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Between waxing treatments the downside is you need to grow the hair in between, in order for the wax to hold onto the hair to pull it out. The opposite is true for Laser Hair Removal. For your first test patch and consultation we will want to see the hair to check the colour, and to assess how coarse the hair is prior to the treatments commencing. For future appointments you can shave the same day or the day before the treatment. An additional appointment for shaving and a charge of £5 is required if you need assistance to shave prior to your appointment (for example for hair on your back). We don’t recommend waxing at all during your Laser Hair Removal course of treatments, as want the hair to be present in its Anagen phase of hair growth to achieve the best results in hair reduction, whereas waxing will pull the hair out by the root.

Who can have Laser Hair Removal?

It used to be the case that laser hair removal really only worked on people with dark hair and fair skin because the laser works by targeting pigment (like that in dark hair), and with dark skin, it may have aimed for the skin itself, potentially causing burns and pigmentation (or darkened skin). 

But now, that’s not the case, thanks to new technologies that expand the breadth of laser hair removal possibilities. Laser hair removal works on all skin tones and complexions, as long as the clinic uses the right lasers. Fortunately, we have an ND:Yag Laser as well as an Alexdralite laser, meaning we can treat all skin types at The Sugar Box Clinic.

Because lasers are attracted to pigment, they work best on hair that’s brunette or darker. Laser currently does not work on hair that has no pigment, i.e. light blonde, light red, and white hair.

Jessica's Laser Hair Removal Journey

Prices for our Laser Hair Removal are:

Hair Removal Area Single Course of 6
Upper Lip  £    75.00   £    270.00 
Chin  £    85.00   £    306.00 
Upper Lip & Chin  £    95.00  £    342.00
Jawline  £  105.00   £    378.00 
Cheek bones  £  105.00   £    378.00 
Lower Face/Beard  £  150.00   £    540.00 
Forehead  £  105.00   £    378.00 
Frown  £    75.00   £    270.00 
Nose  £    39.00   £    140.40 
Nostrils  £    39.00   £    140.40 
Sideburns  £    75.00   £    270.00 
Ear lobes  £    39.00   £    140.40 
Full Face  £  230.00   £    828.00 
Chin, Jawline & Sideburns  £  135.00   £    486.00 
Upper Lip, Chin & Jawline  £  135.00   £    486.00 
Front of Neck  £  115.00   £    414.00 
Back of Neck  £  115.00   £    414.00 
Shoulders  £  120.00   £    432.00 
Chest  £  150.00   £    540.00 
Abdomen  £  140.00   £    504.00 
Nipples  £    85.00   £    306.00 
Peri Naval  £    85.00   £    306.00 
Flanks  £  150.00   £    540.00 
Full Back  £  240.00   £    864.00 
Full Back & Shoulders  £  275.00   £    990.00 
Half Back  £  150.00   £    540.00 
Hands  £  105.00   £    378.00 
Fingers  £    75.00   £    270.00 
Forearms  £  140.00   £    504.00 
Upper Arms  £  140.00   £    504.00 
Full Arms  £  245.00   £    882.00 
Full arms and Shoulders  £  205.00   £    738.00 
Underarms  £    85.00   £    306.00 
Underarms with any bikini  £  45.00   £    306.00 
Buttocks  £  150.00   £    540.00 
Between the buttocks  £  105.00   £    378.00 
Perineum  £    85.00   £    306.00 
Lower legs  £  195.00   £    702.00 
Upper legs  £  245.00   £    882.00 
Full legs  £  275.00   £    990.00 
Feet (inc toes)  £  105.00   £    378.00 
Toes  £    75.00   £    270.00 
Full body woman  £  450.00   £ 1,620.00 
Lower Body Male £349.00 £1256.40
Upper Body Male  £349.00  £1256.40


Bikini Hair Removal Options

Download the 3 Mistakes Brochure Here

With so many options for a bikini line and it’s connecting areas – such as the belly button (Perinaval), underneath (known as the perineum), around to the buttocks and between the buttocks, we have created a few combinations to give you even further discount on associated treatments and their courses.

If you decide you want to book ahead for any of these treatments, we have also created pre treatment monthly installments for those who wish to pay upfront and credit their gift voucher without taking out any finance.

  Single Course Payment Plan of 6 Monthly Installments
Victoria £85 £306 £51 Click here to sign up
Nicole £95 £342 £57 Click here to sign up
Megan £110 £396 £66 Click here to sign up
Kate £120 £432 £72 Click here to sign up
Victoria & Extended £115 £414 £69 Click here to sign up
Nicole & Extended £125 £450 £75 Click here to sign up
Megan & Extended £140 £504 £84 Click here to sign up
Kate & Extended £150 £540 £90 Click here to sign up
Amy £115 £414 £69 Click here to sign up
Karen £120 £432 £72 Click here to sign up
Natalie £145 £522 £87 Click here to sign up
Amber £350 £1260 £210 Click here to sign up
Lucie £105 £378 £63 Click here to sign up
Molly £150 £540 £90 Click here to sign up
Carole £210 £756 £126 Click here to sign up

Full Body Treatment Packages for Men

Upper Body Male

Laser Hair Removal Upper Body Man includes the following treatment areas

Full Back & Shoulder 
Full arms
Upper cheeks

Single price for all of the above is

A Course of 6 treatments for all of the above is

Lower Body Male

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Full Body Female

Laser Hair Removal Upper Body Man includes the following treatment areas

Bikini – Any
Perinaval (bellybutton)
Full legs
Full arms
Full Face

Single price for all of the above is £1149

A Course of 6 treatments for all of the above is £1620

This treatment can be purchased with our finance option via Tabeo:

Body Laser Hair Removal

Body Laser Hair Removal