Laser Pigmentation Removal

Laser Pigmentation Removal

Even out your skin tone by reducing and removing unwanted pigmentation.

As we age, pigmentation becomes more noticeable, with hormones and sun exposure pigmentation can become darker and is a common skin concern that can be easily treated.


Laser pigmentation removal is quick, gentle and non-invasive, and minimises and eliminates the appearance of pigmentation – for optimal results.

There are multiple ways to treat pigmentation from Chemical Peels, Laser therapy, Topical creams and microneedling. Choose the solution that suits your lifestyle and your medical history is key. We invite you to have a consultation with our practitioners to ensure your skin is kept safe prior to proceeding with a treatment.


Appointment duration


Treatment Suitable For

Pigmentation / Age Spots

Treatment Course

1 -3

Anaesthetic Required


Treatment Risks


Expected Side Effects

Redness, crusting, inflammation

Skin Preparation

No sun exposure for 4 weeks prior to treatment

The laser machine produces a wavelength of high-energy light, which is then converted into heat energy. This works by targeting the specific area of pigmentation, because the laser is absorbed only by cells containing pigmentation.

These pigments are shattered into smaller pieces, which in turn are cleared by the body’s natural healing and removal process. This leads to a visible improvement in pigmentation.

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Questions & Answers

We have a 1064nm in a Candela Gentle Max Pro Machine
Yes, Candela Medical have been building medical devices since 1970 in the USA. These are hospital grade lasers. As with any treatments there are risks associated with your treatment. However, the treatment parameters are designed to give you the safest possible treatment results.
This depends on the severity of the pigmentation and the end results you would like to achieve.
The treatment requires the pigment to absorb the laser
With pigmentation, we recommend laser treatments for skin types 1 to 4.
The downtime after treatment can be from a few hours with redness, to a week with the crusting of the pigmentation.
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